Bill Adams


God Save the...People

The world around us is desperately looking for the right combination of leadership and government that can provide for all the people. Despite many attempts, all have fallen short. Where can we turn?

This book turns to the government of Heaven for its example. It examines the Ten Commandments, the laws of Moses, and the teachings of Jesus to reveal the governing principles God gave to His people. It then applies those principles to contemporary challenges, showing how modern governments can ensure their people are happy and fulfilled, just as God wants them to be. 

A Peak Inside

Here are several excerpts from the book that will give you a flavor for how timeless principles are turned into contemporary guidance.


When we don't understand why God directs us to behave a certain way, it would be in our best interest to trust and obey rather than assume that we know better than God.

Chapter 2 - You Shall Not Make for Yourself an Idol

Find and appoint leaders whose motivation is the fulfillment and happiness of the people. These are leaders who do the will of God. Dismiss leaders whose motivation is self-fulfillment.

Chapter 5 - Honor Your Father and Mother

Loving while disciplining shows that the well-being of the person being disciplined is the highest objective. Disciplining in anger demonstrates that the convenience of the one disciplining is the objective. 

Chapter 6 - You Shall Not Murder

Any avenue that provides safe passage to criminals will encourage criminal activity until the innocent are overrun.

Chapter 7 - You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Denying that help is needed will result in denying needed help. 

Chapter 12 - Justice and Mercy

Compassion for the guilty is not expressed by denying their guilt. It is expressed by acknowledging their guilt and forgiving them.

Chapter 12 - Justice and Mercy

Showing compassion where justice is needed and administering justice where compassion is warranted are both imprudent.

Chapter 13 - Social Responsibility

Small mistakes, with small consequences, along life’s journey provide the learning opportunities needed to prevent large mistakes with large consequences.

Chapter 13 - Social Responsibility

There are many areas of social responsibility addressed by the Bible. These scripture references tell us how to make society better. They tell us to guard our nation, protect the weak, care for the poor, provide a social safety net, and deal honestly with all. This all comes with a low cost and many benefits.

Bill Adams

Governance and Biblical study come together!

Bill Adams has an extensive background helping organizations improve their capability and maturity in corporate and IT governance. He has been a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies. With this book, he combines this corporate governance experience with his church lay leadership background and Biblical studies to reveal a treasure trove of Biblical-based ideas for good contemporary governance.

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